Fun And Unique Deck Railing Ideas

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Fun And Unique Deck Railing Ideas

9 March 2020
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When you are thinking about which way you want to go with your deck railing, you can choose to go with a unique railing that helps you to create a great-looking deck area that you can be proud of. In order to come up with an idea for your railing that you'll be happy with, read the ideas detailed here. Here are some creative deck railing ideas you can use as inspiration:

Glass railings – Glass railings are becoming more commonplace, but not so much that they aren't still a shocker to see when you go into someone's yard and see them for the first time. One of the fantastic things about glass railings is they allow you to have an unobstructed view if you have a nice view from your deck.

Rope railings – Rope railings are unique and functional. They can be a great addition to cabin homes, lake houses, or other homes that have more rustic designs to them. Rope railings can also work for homes in beach communities.

Wagon wheel railings – Wagon wheel railings are designed by installing wood frames that will have the wagon wheels secured in place that will take the place of what would have normally been the middle section of the railings that could have otherwise been made from wood slats, wrought iron rods, or something else. Wagon wheel railings would work nicely on many homes, especially those with a cottage or farmhouse design.

Cable railings – Cable railings are great because they offer functionality while also helping you to maintain your unobstructed view due to the cables being so easy to see through. The cables can be kept in their normal color or they can be painted in order to help them match the color of the trim on your house.

Tree branch railings – Tree branch railings are fun-looking railings that help you give the deck a railing that has a woody feel to it. The tree branches that you choose to use should be thick enough to offer the strength that you would want to expect from your railing, but they don't have to be so thick that they really impede your ability to see through them.


Now that you have read about some of the different ways you can go with regards to your deck railings, you can have fun coming up with some of your own ideas. Or, you may decide to go with one of the ideas listed here. Speak with a professional about your deck railing

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