Correcting Your Building's Mold Problems

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Correcting Your Building's Mold Problems

4 November 2019
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The presence of mold in a building is almost always a cause of concern for the owner and those that must regularly occupy the structure. Unfortunately, mold is a threat that is often not taken seriously enough by property owners, and this may expose them to a greater chance of experiencing health problems or further property damage due to the mold growths.

Know Where Mold Is The Most Likely To Start Growing

Not all of the areas inside your home will be equally vulnerable to suffering mold problems. In particular, the areas of the house that are isolated and near sources of moisture can be especially vulnerable to this problem. Furthermore, areas that may not have good airflow or ventilation may also be at risk of developing this problem due to the fact that condensation can get trapped in these areas. By appreciating the areas of the house that will be at the greatest risk of developing severe mold problems, you can take more effective action to both reduce the threat of mold starting to grow,as well as eliminating the mold that may have already gotten established.

Avoid Disturbing The Mold Growths

Once mold growths have been located, great care needs to be taken to prevent the mold from being disturbed. When a person makes the mistake of disturbing mold growths, they can substantially increase the risk of spreading spores. Due to the fact that the spores are designed to be carried by the air, disturbing a mold colony can lead to this issue rapidly spreading throughout the building and contributing to health problems for those that inhaled the spores. Promptly hiring mold removal services to eliminate these substances from the building is the most effective and safest option for mitigating this particular building problem.

Address Your HVAC System During The Mold Removal Efforts

After the primary mold colony has been eliminated, it may be beneficial to take steps to sanitize the HVAC system as well. It is common for spores to enter the HVAC system, which can lead to a new mold problem developing in a matter of weeks or months. At a minimum, the air filters for the HVAC system should be replaced. However, a thorough duct cleaning can be more effective as this will eliminate mold spores that may have made it deep within this network. Some mold removal services may be able to perform this work, but if your service can not, hiring a separate duct cleaning service may be necessary.

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