Your Questions About Vinyl Replacement Windows, Answered

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Your Questions About Vinyl Replacement Windows, Answered

2 September 2019
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When it comes to purchasing new windows, one of the most popular types of windows are vinyl windows. What are vinyl windows exactly though? Vinyl windows refer to the material that frames the window, not the glass inside of the window. Read on to get your other top questions about vinyl windows answered.

What is the lifespan of a vinyl window?

When it comes to replacing your windows, you want to use materials that will last for a long time and will not require you to undergo another round of replacements or repairs in a few years. When it comes to vinyl windows, the frame and support materials around the glass are all made of vinyl.

Vinyl windows are made to last a lifetime, although certain factors can impact the strength and durability of your vinyl windows. For example, vinyl windows may not last an entire lifetime in a hot and humid client with a lot of direct sunlight. In most areas though, once you install a vinyl window, you don't really have any reason to replace it.

Will vinyl windows work in older homes?

Vinyl windows will work regardless of the age and style of your home. When you install a vinyl window in your home, you will remove the old window and window frame, and then install the vinyl window in the opening. A window installer will be able to reinforce the area around where the new vinyl window will be installed. The age of your home doesn't matter; you can install vinyl windows in just about any home.

What is the security level of a vinyl window?

Vinyl windows are very secure. The frame is installed around the window and locked into place, which means it would be very difficult if not impossible for someone to damage or pry off the frame with basic tools. Vinyl windows also have other integrated safety features, such as locks that are built into the frame, that increase the overall security of the window as well.

Vinyl windows are popular because the material requires very little maintenance, is very easy to take care of, provide you with a high level of security, and can work in any home they are placed into. Vinyl windows have become the standard material used for replacement windows because of their high quality and affordability. Talk to your local window contractor and see if vinyl replacement windows will work in your home.    

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