Can Metal Building Construction Be Affordable?

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Can Metal Building Construction Be Affordable?

27 February 2019
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The popularity of buildings made from metal is on the rise. Features such as the long lifespan of these buildings are proving quite attractive to many people putting up both commercial and residential buildings. However, cost still remains a major concern for many people.

A cursory glance makes it seem like putting up a metal building costs significantly more than it would cost to put up a regular building. How does the cost of steel buildings compare with that of regular buildings and what can be done to bridge the gap?

Metal Is Not as Expensive as it Seems

The idea that buildings made from metal are automatically more expensive than regular buildings is flawed. The cost of metal may be higher than the cost of timber and other materials used in the construction of regular buildings. However, even in the short term, metal provides many opportunities to cut costs.

For starters, the strength of steel means the building will need less of it. Therefore, the quantity of material needed will be lower. Secondly, properly designed metal buildings can be put up in a much shorter time compared to regular buildings. Labor costs are some of the hardest to control. Reducing the number of days contractors spend on-site can be a major cost-cutting measure.

Take Advantage of Low Prices

The best time to put up metal buildings is when steel prices fall. The price of wood remains constant in many situations. The price of steel, on the other hand, is subject to many factors including global forces. If you hear that the price of steel is dropping, that might be the best time to plan for a metal building.

Don't Be Rigid

A little bit of flexibility can go a long way when it comes to steel buildings. A manufacturer working with your design will usually go with the presiding market rate. However, if you're using a design recommended by the manufacturer you might be able to get a deal. The manufacturer may have parts left over from a previous build that allows them to offer better prices on certain designs.

Buy Directly from Manufacturers

Brokers add to the costs of steel buildings but they don't add any value to the building itself. If you can avoid it, don't buy your building through a broker. Search for the company that actually manufacturers steel buildings and see if they'll be open to selling to you.

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