Are You Decorating A Bathroom With An Elegant Mood?

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Are You Decorating A Bathroom With An Elegant Mood?

11 January 2019
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Do you want to walk into your master bathroom and feel like a king or a queen? If so, that probably means that you want to decorate in a way that will set an elegant tone in the area. From buying glass shelving to selecting additional decor for the master bathroom, here are some ideas that might help you.

Think Glass 

Imagine your shower enclosed in large glass cubes that let light in but that still give you privacy. Now imagine glass shelves where you can set beautiful, luxurious towels, candles, fancy glass perfume bottles, hand and body lotions, and other things that you want displayed in the master bathroom. Glass shelves aren't just attractive; they're sturdy enough to hold those things and even more. In addition, selecting glass shelves means that they will go with any colors you choose to use in your decorating scheme.

Think of having small, narrow shelves for the perfume bottles and other delicate items that you will be displaying. Attach those to the bathroom wall, maybe even stacking them in strategic places. For towels, large decorative boxes that might hold things like extra toilet tissue, and other things you don't want displayed, think of buying large glass shelves that stand alone. 

Complementary Items 

If you do select glass shelves for your master bathroom, consider choosing crystal for things like your bathroom chandelier and the knobs on your bathroom cabinets. A very nice touch would be to buy a crystal water decanter and a couple of elegant water glasses. Put them on a glass tray that has something like brass or silver-toned handles. To add more elegance, choose silver toned or gold combs and brushes, along with a complementary hand mirror to place on your vanity table. 

When you select your bathroom towels, consider monogramming them. If you selected silver tones for your comb, brush, and hand mirror, think of monogramming the towels with silver thread. If you selected gold for the set, then gold thread would be perfect for the monograms. If you want serene elegance, choose soft colors like pale pink or soft blue for your towels. If you want to add drama to the bathroom, select jewel tones for the towels. The same goes for the artwork you select for your bathroom walls. For quiet elegance, choose something like a beautiful beach scene or depictions of shells. For dramatic elegance, choose artwork that has bold colors that complement the towels you selected. No matter what you choose, it will go with the glass shelves you select.

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