Buy A Waterfront Property With Water Damage On Exterior Wood Walkways? What To Do

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Buy A Waterfront Property With Water Damage On Exterior Wood Walkways? What To Do

5 February 2018
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If you have recently purchased your first lake house or cottage, and you have noticed that there is water damage around a lot of the wood on the walkways and stairs by the water, the problem may be the wood and the property. Here are some of the things that you can consider so you don't have to worry about the problem any longer, and so you are able to look at the yard and not worry about damage or water problems.

Replace the Wood with Concrete

Replace the wood stairs and walkways with concrete. You can get stamped and colored concrete that looks just like wood, and you can have it textured. This way you don't have to worry about water damage, sun damage, or pests that are attracted to wood. This will be more costly than replacing the damaged wood with more wood, but is less maintenance and worth the investment over time.

Look in Water Barriers to Prevent Saturation

Are there water barriers in place to prevent water from not only damaging the stairs, but also the walkway if the water floods and gets into the soil? Water in the soil causes the ground to shift, and causes wood to get wet and damaged or moldy. Water barriers, also known as a sea wall, can help to prevent ground erosion around the front of you cottage or lake house, and can stop the water from getting up over the ground surface.

Explore Irrigation Options

You may need to have a professional land irrigation company come to the property to find a better way to drain the property, and for water to flow out into the lake instead of sitting on top of the soil. If the ground is always saturated, it the ground won't soak up the water. The irrigation company can use pipes to lead water out to the water away from the home and property.

Wood can be very problematic because it has to be sealed and treated in order to withstand time, and sometimes this isn't enough to keep it look great and durable. Talk with a concrete professional such as Haas Construction about replacing the patios, walkways and steps or stairways around the property with concrete for a better looking and longer lasting product, and find out if you can get the water away from the property. This way you can enjoy the space without fear of water problems. 

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