Five Questions To Ponder When Painting The Interior Of Your Home

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Five Questions To Ponder When Painting The Interior Of Your Home

9 June 2017
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Are you planning to paint the inside of your home? Whether your interior painting project includes painting one room or an entire house, you need to prepare beforehand so you will achieve the most satisfactory results. Before you commission the work, consider the following questions and the solutions that will bring results:

1. How Can You Avoid Choosing a Color You Are Not Happy With Later?

Imagine this scenario: you buy two gallons of paint of a particular color, complete your painting job, then realize you made a wrong color choice. You could end up wasting a lot of time, energy, and money re-painting an entire room or area. Although this is a possibility, it doesn't have to be so. To avoid any regrets later, don't buy a case of 5 gallons in one shade. Buy the smallest quantity, which is probably a quart can, because you can always buy more later.

Before doing so, however, decide whether you want a calming and soothing color such as powder blue, pink, or lilac, or if you prefer a bold color, shades of purple, orange, red, green, or bright yellow. If your room is rather small and you want to create an illusion of a larger area, consider painting the ceiling a lighter color than the walls. Also, remember this: neutral colors may work best if you plan on selling your home in the near future, as they tend to look refined and elegant in any room.

2. How Can You Choose the Right Paint for the Job?

When it comes to the type of paint and finish for the interior, you have options. For instance, will you choose oil or latex based paint? If maintenance is your concern, choose latex, as it is easiest to clean. Latex also tends to last longer than oil and is resistant to fading. Also, a paint with a high gloss sheen will be easier to clean than a matte finish. For a child's room or kitchen, high gloss or semi-gloss is a good choice.

3. Can You Choose Paint That Is Environmentally Friendly?

The simple answer is yes. These days, the emphasis is on choosing environmentally safe products. With that in mind, you wouldn't want to paint the interior of your home with a product that contains volatile organic chemicals (VOC). If the paint you choose has these chemicals in them, you could be breathing in toxic compounds, even several years after you have painted. Avoid this situation by asking for an environmentally safe product. The label may state "Low VOC Levels" or "VOC-Free." Look for the green seal if you are in doubt.

4. What Are Some Smart Ways to Prep the Walls Before Painting?

To get the most out of your project and the best results, you'll need to do a little prep work before you begin. Start with cleaning the walls before you paint them. Never apply fresh paint to a dirty or stained wall, because the finished work may look blotchy or uneven, and the paint may not adhere as well. Use some mild soap and water to clean the walls, and allow adequate time for the walls to dry. Alternatively, you might try using a product known as a pre-paint cleaning solution. You can find these solutions at a home improvement center or hardware store.

Before doing so, be sure you dust the moldings and ceilings thoroughly. Don't forget to spackle any holes you may notice.

5. What Is the Best Way to Protect Floors and Furnishings While Painting?

Avoid placing plastic drop cloths or sheeting down on the floor, as it can become a safety hazard for slipping and falling. Canvas drop cloths are a better solution as they are less slippery and much more durable. Also, canvas cloths may be reused, while the plastic must be discarded after one use. 

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