Xeriscaping Landscaping Tips To Keep In Mind

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Xeriscaping Landscaping Tips To Keep In Mind

2 June 2017
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When you live in the desert or another dry climate, a beautiful, green plush garden full of colorful flowers is a bit of a reach. While this exact look might not be possible, you can still have beautiful landscaping in the form of xeriscaping. The drought-friendly elements of this design can save you money and still give you the goal of a beautiful lawn. Here are some things you want to keep in mind.

Lead By Layout

When choosing your xeriscaping design, make sure you're leading your design plans by your layout, not what you see in a magazine or even what a neighbor down the road has. This is important because landscaping is meant to enhance a space, which means it needs to be designed around the space. Start by focusing on the space of your yard.

For the most ideal look, it's a good idea to keep your landscaped area around ¼ of your total lawn space. Much larger than that and it will overtake the space and make your lawn look smaller. You should also pay attention to the design of your home, so that you can incorporate color and style elements into the design.

Do Your Research

It's important that you do your research. There is somewhat of a misconception that all dry climates are the same and all drought-friendly plants are the same, meaning you can choose any of the elements for your landscaping design and expect them to work. This is not the case.

For example, there are some deserts that are colder than others, such as the Colorado Plateau. When you compare the climate in that area to a desert in Southern California, it's clear that the two temperature extremes will require plants that have different temperature tolerances. Don't just look at the drought-friendly or xeric-friendly title. You need to look deeper to ensure the plants are going to work for your climate.

Be Consistent

If you're going to go with a xeriscape design – go all the way. Having a mixture of xeriscape elements and traditional landscaping designs isn't really a good idea. First, it defeats the purpose of choosing landscaping elements that are conducive for the type of climate you live in.

Choosing traditional elements will require more effort on your part to maintain them and you will have to spend more money watering these elements due to the dry environment you live in. Second, the two styles won't create a cohesive look, which won't be appealing. It's best to stick with a consistent xeriscape design.

Getting the most out of your landscaping takes careful planning on your part. Make sure you're planning your design carefully. Talk to a landscaper, like Bourget Bros. Building Materials, for more help.

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