Bathroom Remodel Mistakes You Can Make Before The Project Begins

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Bathroom Remodel Mistakes You Can Make Before The Project Begins

24 May 2017
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When it comes to a bathroom remodel, mistakes don't just arise once the actual construction phase begins. You can make a mistake long before this. An error in the early stages will have an impact on the entire process, including just how satisfied you are with the outcome. Learn what early planning mistakes to avoid to work towards a more successful remodel.

Aiming For The Magazine Look

Looking in magazines is an excellent way to gain inspiration and get an idea what type of design features and elements you want to bring to your bathroom. Just don't get so caught up that you're dead-set on recreating the same look in your home.

As previously stated, use these guides for inspiration, not necessarily a strict guideline. Unless you have the same size space, layout and most importantly, budget, creating the exact same look in your home might be impossible. Save yourself some disappoint and have realistic expectations based on your abilities.

Focusing On The Lowest Bid

The lowest price doesn't always mean the best value or the best option. The most critical part of the remodeling process is the construction company you pair with. If you're wise, you will request bids from more than one construction company. When you sit down to review them, don't go straight to costs.

Sure, it's an important factor to consider for any homeowner on a budget, but when you focus solely on costs, you might be overlooking value. For instance, if one firm has several years more experience than the lowest bidder, it might be worth it to pay a little more as their increased experience can be especially valuable.  

Not Having A Realistic Mindset

Most construction projects have some level of unexpectedness. A bathroom remodel is not going to grant you an exception. If you want to stress yourself out, go into the project thinking everything is going to be perfect. From material supplier mistakes to hidden damage, issues will arise that may prolong your completion date.

Prepare for these hiccups by having a realistic mindset that the project won't be completed overnight, especially if you want it done right. Prepare to stay in communication with your contractor so that you can quickly work through problems as they arise.

Avoiding and even working through these mistakes is best completed when you pair with a professional and experienced construction company. From realistic design ideas to project conflicts, a professional contractor can help you work through them. 

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