3 Signs That You May Need To Replace Your Boiler

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3 Signs That You May Need To Replace Your Boiler

4 April 2017
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Wondering why your boiler isn't working as well as it used to or why you can't find any replacement parts for it any longer? It may be time to replace it altogether to ensure optimal performance and to reduce the need for repairs as time goes on. Here are a few signs that may mean you need to replace your boiler sooner rather than later:

Repairs Are Persistent

One of the biggest clues that your home's boiler needs to be replaced is that you've had to make multiple repairs to it throughout the last several years. Whether there were leaks, rusty spots that needed to be reinforced, or a heating issue, any issues your boiler has had in the past have contributed to its wear and tear and are likely leading to performance issues that you aren't even aware of. If repairs seem to be a problem as time goes on, it may be a good idea to have a technician provide you with an in-home consultation and a quote for a boiler replacement.

Inspections Haven't Been a Focus

Inspections and maintenance need to be a focus if you expect your boiler to perform for decades without issues. If you haven't been scheduling yearly inspections and making sure that each component of your boiler has been properly maintained in past years, there is a good chance that you'll experience better performance and even save some money on water heating costs by replacing your boiler with a new one. Of course, you should have your current boiler inspected and tuned up before scheduling a replacement in case your technician can improve performance and buy you another year or two before having to purchase a new unit.

Your Household Has Expanded

The type and size of boiler that's installed in a home directly correlates to the household size to ensure that it can handle the work load it will be faced with. If your household has expanded over the years (maybe you've had kids or an aging parent has moved in) and you've never upgraded your boiler system, it may be time to consider doing so. Have a contractor inspect your boiler room and determine whether more space will be needed for a bigger boiler, or if a more efficient model can simply replace your older one.

These are just a few of the important signs to consider when trying to determine whether your home's boiler needs to be replaced. Ask your contractor or technician for a list of other signs that will tell you it's time for a replacement. For more information, contact a company like Schweitzer Brothers Inc.

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