Want To Prevent Bug Infestations? Make Landscape Changes With The Addition Of Rocks

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Want To Prevent Bug Infestations? Make Landscape Changes With The Addition Of Rocks

28 March 2017
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As a homeowner, you should expect to have house problems on occasion. But, this does not mean you should avoid putting effort towards avoiding these issues because they can provide excellent results. If you have dealt with bug infestations in the past, whether it was ants, cockroaches, termites, or something else, you may have dabbled with preventive pest control and spot treatment to keep large colonies away. Along with these efforts, you should incorporate landscape rocks to protect your home even more.

Create a Landscape Border

The first task that you will want to accomplish with these rocks is to surround your entire yard with them. An easy way to handle this is to add a layer of rocks where your property line ends. But, if the actual landscaping starts further into the property, you can get more creative with this specific addition. Its goal is to stop insects that may travel by your property from continuing their travels. While some bugs may get through the border of rocks, many insects will turn the other direction in search of water and food.

Add an Inner Layer

For an insect to make it into your home, they need to get through the rock border and the yard. It is inevitable that some bugs will make it this far, so you should add another layer of protection. Just like the rock border that you added to surround the entire property, you should also add an inner layer. This layer is best placed close to and around the foundation of your home to discourage passage. It is ideal when you make it a few inches wide and use larger rocks to symbolize a lining that should not be crossed.

Surround the Foundation

The follow-up to the inner layer is placing a field of rocks around the entire foundation. These rocks should be smaller, typically the size that you would see in a landscape that replaces grass with rocks. It is this large covering of rocks that will prevent most insects from traversing all the way across to your home. Even if a scout were to find your home, they would have trouble retracing their steps to get back.

Adding landscape rocks to your yard is a great way to stop bug infestations. But, you can also get creative to make a highly attractive landscape by choosing rock colors that mesh with the home and yard.

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