Putting Up Stucco

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Putting Up Stucco

28 March 2017
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There are many different ways that you are gong to be able to finish the exterior of your home. While each different style of finish has benefits, stucco may be a finish that you want to seriously consider. Stucco is gaining popularity because it looks extremely nice, and there are a lot of different styles and finishes that you can do with stucco. This particular finish can take a little while to master, but if stucco is applied correctly it is going to look extremely good when it is finished. There are particular steps that you are going to want to take when you start applying stucco. Here are some of the most important steps in applying stucco.

 Building Paper 

You are going to first make sure that the weather is going to be conducive to putting up stucco. One of the first steps that you will want to perform is putting up grade D paper. You are going to want to put up at least two layers of this paper. This is adhesive paper that sticks to the rigid wall of your home. Make sure that the paper is overlapping on either side by at least four inches to ensure that there are no leaks. This is a very important step in applying stucco, and if this is not done, you are going to have major problems in the future. You may also want to have a gap between the two layers so you do not ruin the plywood behind the paper. You can accomplish this using a wall drain. 

Weep Creed And Casing Bead

In order for the water to drain properly you are going to want to install weep creed at the base of where your stucco is going to be applied. This allows the water or condensate to run off properly. You will also want to install casing bead in the corners of the home and around windows to help you while you are applying the stucco.

Metal Lath

Installing the metal mesh may be the most technical part of applying stucco on the home. You will need to use G-60 hot-dipped galvanized lath, and be sure to pick lath that has at least 6mm furring. This is going to allow the stucco to actually adhere to the lath. Make sure that you are overlapping the lath on every side by at least a half an inch, and that you are nailing in the studs and not the plywood. Use a nail every six to seven inches. Check out companies like Sticky Mesh for more info.

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