Understanding What May Cause Light Flickering In The Home

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Understanding What May Cause Light Flickering In The Home

27 March 2017
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If you own your house, then you probably understand that there are a number of systems that you need to care for. One of the more important systems that needs to be considered for wear issues and other problems is the electrical one. There are many different signs and symptoms of an electrical issue like the flickering of the lights. If you notice lights flickering, then keep reading to understand what may be causing the problem.

Appliance Motor Problems

One issue that can cause flickering is when the motor of one of your appliances is pulling a great deal of electricity from the electrical circuit. When this happens, the motor is likely overworked and in a state of disrepair. The most common problem is a bearing that has failed and is forcing the motor to work harder. 

If you notice your lights flickering when your washing machine, dryer, or dishwasher come on, then this is the likely culprit. Consider the age of the appliance and think about replacing it. Keep in mind that most appliances last around 10 to 15 years

If the appliance is newer, then it may not be to blame for the electrical issue. You may instead have a problem with the overall electrical load in your house. If you have recently installed an air conditioning system or have noticed your sump pump coming on all the time, then these may be the culprits of the issue. If you are using an excess amount of electricity, then you may want to speak with an electrical professional about upgrading your electrical system to one with more amperage. 

Loose Circuit Connection

Another reason that lights may flicker is when there is a loose connection somewhere in the circuit. This means that a wire has started to come loose from the breaker, the socket, or the appliance. Also, this may indicate that a wire has broken or the insulation on the exterior of the wire has cracked somewhere. 

This sort of problem is serious because it is highly likely that there is a resistance point along the wire or there is a short where the electricity is actively leaving the wiring. These types of problems can cause a fire in your home. You can often hear where there may be an issue if you listen closely for a buzzing or crackling sound. If you hear this, then contact an electrician as soon as possible who can make the necessary repairs. 

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