Tips For Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Replacements

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Tips For Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Replacements

27 March 2017
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If you have a hydraulic cylinder that is not working as well as it should, then there is a chance that the seals may be worn on the part. The seals should be thoroughly inspected and also replaced if damage is noted. Keep reading to understand some tips on what to look for when inspecting the seals and also when buying new ones.  

Investigate Wearing

There are a variety of different seals on a hydraulic cylinder that include the piston, rod, and buffer seals. All of these seals are prone to wear and tear and can be seen across the main cylinder itself. To investigate the seals, you need to remove the outer casing from the cylinder. The piston seal will sit long the piston. Some pistons will have two seals. One will appear at the top of the piston and the other on the bottom. Damage to these seals may be seen in the way of erosion or distortion or the seal may be completely missing.

When it comes to rod seals, the seals are often broken or damage due to a bent or misaligned rod. This can force the rod to place too much weight on the seal and it cracks. If you notice this issue, then you will need to address the rod problem as well by replacing it along with the seal. 

When it comes to the buffer seals, these sit close to the wipers and the wear rings, so look at this part of the cylinder when inspecting the seals. The buffer seal will show similar signs of wear and tear that the other seals will, so look for this and consider a replacement. However, you should know that these seals do not endure as much stress as some of the others. 

Buying Your Seals

If you need to replace worn out seals, then you need to avoid one of the number one hydraulic cylinder seal replacement mistakes which is measuring the size and circumference of the worn out seals. These seals are likely quite a bit smaller if they are worn down or larger if they are bent and distorted. This can make it impossible to understand what the dimensions should be. Also, you cannot always trust the fact that the correct seals were installed previously. Accidents do happen, especially when hydraulic seals tend to look similar to one another.

Instead of taking measurements, you should speak with a seal or a hydraulic cylinder repair specialist. A professional like Hydraulic Hose & Cylinder Inc can provide you with the seals for your correct cylinder model. 

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