Three Improvements To Your Home After A Burglary

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Three Improvements To Your Home After A Burglary

27 March 2017
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If you have recently returned home and found that your house has been burglarized, then you are most likely looking for things to do to prevent this from happening again. Luckily, there are several different things you can do. It would be wise to incorporate all of these and thereby lessen the chance that your home will be picked by criminals again in the future. Here's some ideas to help you out.

Security Alarms

Bring in a security alarm installer and have them wire the windows. The alarms will sound if someone breaks the glass or breaches the window with a crowbar. The alarms should also be keyed into all the entry way doors. This way, should someone pick a lock or force entry with a crowbar or sledgehammer, the alarm will sound and also relay to the local police department or private security company. You also want to make sure that there is a visible sign that your house is alarmed. So attach stickers to the windows, and get one of those small lawn placards to stick on the property.

External Cameras

Some crooks, especially the less sophisticated ones who just will attempt a smash and grab, might not care about an alarm. They might figure that they can get in and out fast enough to get what they came for and then evade the police. But they will care if they are caught on camera. This footage can be used by the police to track them down and prosecute them. So install visible cameras on the front and rear of your home. You want the cameras to be visible so that the thieves know they will be caught on camera. Make sure to place the cameras high enough so that the thieves can't simply reach up and smash them down.

New Exterior Doors With Strong Solid Core

It might be wise to replace your old, flimsy door, with a strong new exterior door with a solid core. This is especially true if you had one of those light doors with large glass panels. While they look nice, they are an invitation for burglars. They can break the glass and reach in and open the lock. Consider a strong exterior door with shatter-proof glass. These will give you the same beautiful look that you had with the old door, except it won't be easy for criminals to break in.

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