Don't Throw Away Old Garage Doors And Parts — Re-Purpose Them!

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Don't Throw Away Old Garage Doors And Parts — Re-Purpose Them!

27 March 2017
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When it is finally time to replace your old garage door and opener, you may wonder how you can reuse the components you have to replace. It is a shame to throw out all of the pieces, especially since many of them are still good, just unable to support a garage door system.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Use the Garage Door Track for a Toy Hauler

The track system that is used to raise and lower your garage door usually has to be replaced when you put in a new opener.  That track can still be used for raising and lowering other things. One great way to re-use it is to install it in a toy hauler where you have to lift heavy things in and out.

The track can be installed along the roof. Then, attach a pulley to the track so it can slide back and forth using the existing track mechanism. Pass a rope through the pulley so you can raise and lower a heavy object. This type of system can allow you to move heavy things into or out of your toy hauler such as the following:

  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Bicycles
  • Motorbikes

If you want to remove the physical labor, you can even install a new garage door opener, or the old one if it is not damaged, inside the toy hauler with the old track. You can then load and unload heavy objects with a push of a button!

Re-purpose the Garage Door

If you have to replace the garage door, you can often re-use the non-damaged parts. Remove the individual panels and use them for home improvement or carpentry projects. You could make a compost bin, planters for a garden, pickets for a fence, or a host of other items.

If the garage door has long, wooden panels and some are not damaged, you could use them for sliding doors inside your home. Install a track system that you can order online or pick up at a farm supply store. Then, attach the panels on either side and you can slide them open and closed to create a cool, panel, barn-door effect.

There are other uses for a wooden garage door that include:

  1. Work bench – cut the door down to the size you need, install some legs and shelving underneath, and you have a great workbench
  2. Headboard for a bed – take the panels, whether they are recessed or flat, and cut them to the desired bed size. You can hang the panels on the wall instead of building a frame to connect to the headboard; this would allow you to re-use any existing bed frame. Once you push up the bed against the wall, it will look like the bed frame is part of the bed.

If your garage door has recessed metal panels, you can use the individual panels for framing artwork, making a mirror, or any other project that requires a pre-built frame.

There are many more creative ways to recycle the garage door opener, door, and spare parts. The possibilities are only limited by your ingenuity!

When you replace your garage door, work with a company like Plano Overhead Garage Door to make sure it is all done correctly.

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