Bay Windows 101: 3 Great Reasons To Install One In Your Home

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Bay Windows 101: 3 Great Reasons To Install One In Your Home

26 March 2017
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Bay windows are a great addition to any home. Not only are bay windows beautiful, they are also practical. In fact, bay windows have several benefits.

So why should you consider installing a bay window in your home? Here are three great reasons:

1. Better Lighting and Airflow

One of the biggest benefits of bay windows is their ability to increase natural lighting in the home. The large window allows more natural lighting inside your home, which is extremely beneficial. More natural lighting automatically makes a home appear larger. It can also liven up dull or boring rooms. Natural lighting doesn't just benefit your home, either. Natural lighting is good for you, too. So having a bay window isn't just good for your home, it's also good for your health and well-being. A true win-win.

Bay windows are also great for improving the airflow in your home. Since they are much larger than traditional windows, you can let more air inside your home by opening your bay window. This is helpful as it allows you to keep your home cooler and more comfortable.

2. Additional Storage

It might sound odd, but bay windows are great because they offer additional storage. Since bay windows typically feature a seat, you can have storage built right in. Hidden compartments allow you to store all sorts of extra things – whether it be linens or books. This is extremely beneficial as it allows you to de-clutter your space, which makes it appear cleaner and bigger.

3. Added Space and Home Value

Finally, bay windows help to increase the space in your home. While traditional windows are flat and sit against your existing wall, bay windows lean outwards and increase your home space. This is great, as it allows your home to feel bigger. It can also increase your home value since your home will be viewed as larger. Plus, many home buyers enjoy bay windows and are automatically drawn to them for their aesthetics and functionality. So if you're looking for an affordable way to upgrade your home, a bay window just might be the perfect solution.

As you can see, there are many benefits of bay windows. Whether installing one piques your interest due to value or functionality, bay windows are a fantastic addition to any home. If you want to learn more about bay windows or the installation process, contact a local window contractor for more information. Companies like Weather-Tek Home Remodeling Center may be able to help meet your needs in this area.

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