Yay For Gray: Three Reasons To Paint Your Home's Exterior Gray

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Yay For Gray: Three Reasons To Paint Your Home's Exterior Gray

24 March 2017
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Sometimes a change can do you good. If the paint on the outside of your house is peeling, you may need to start sprucing up the exterior of your home. If you are looking for a brand-new shade to color your home, you should consider gray. Here are three reasons why gray is the new beautiful when it comes to the outside paint of your home. 

It's a sophisticated neutral

While black is typically known as the most sophisticated neutral, a black home will come off as too dark and drab on the outside. A nice gray that is not too light and not too dark will provide a sophisticated look that makes your home welcoming from the outside. Select a shade of gray that fits with the current trim and fixtures on your home. If the trim on your home is white or light wood, you should go with a light gray. If you have deep cherry wood trim on your home, you should go with a deep, heather-gray shade. 

It provides an instant modern feel

No matter the architecture of your home, painting the exterior a gray shade will give it a very modern feel. Modern home builds and designs tend to use more natural color, rather than white or wood shades. By painting the exterior of your home a gray shade, you can bring about a more modern feel. This will allow you the chance to give your home a facelift with only a bucket of paint and a little hard work. Be sure that you paint all four sides of the home so that the house looks modernized from all angles. 

You can spice up your yard with plants that pop

With a neutral, deep home color, you can spice up your yard with a little more color than usual. You can plant a few rose bushes or you could make a garden and randomly sprinkle in some wild flowers. No matter what colors you choose, the deepness of the gray will temper the flowers, so that it looks just right. If you also enjoy greenery rather than flowers, you can feel free to have a number of shrubs cut into cute shapes. Bright, green grass and tall shrubs can offset the deep color of your home well. Placing plants and shrubs around your home will give your house instantly better curb appeal. 

For help with painting your home, contact an exterior painting company in your area.

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