Consider A Polished Concrete Floor

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Consider A Polished Concrete Floor

24 March 2017
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When you are building a home, you have so many different options for flooring in your home. You have the normal carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, and others. Each different floor type has advantages and disadvantages. This article is going to address a type of flooring that you may not have considered before: concrete. You may be thinking to yourself that concrete is for outside, but you may have not given concrete the credit that it deserves. There are a lot of benefits of installing concrete floors. Here are just a few of the advantages of having a polished concrete floor.

Unlimited Color Options

There are many different color options when it comes to concrete. All that is needed is a little powder to change the color of the concrete entirely. As you may have seen in sidewalks, concrete can be partitioned into sections. You may want to do multiple colors of concrete in your home. A partitioned concrete floor with different colors can look extremely contemporary and unique. It is a great look for anyone that is trying to add a contemporary flare to their home. If you do not want to partition the floor into different colors, you can simply do the entire floor the same color. The takeaway message is that there are unlimited color choices for your concrete floor. 


Concrete is one of the most versatile materials on the market. Once the concrete is pored it can be worked and stamped. You can have almost any type of pattern stamped into the concrete. This is a common practice for driveways where a brick or rock stamp is used to create the appearance of rock or brick. However, in your home you can use almost any type of stamp that you want. You can add color to the concrete and then use a stamp to give the concrete texture or make it look like tile. There are many different stamps available. 

Other Additives

Color is not the only thing that you can add to your concrete. It is very common to add crushed up rock or even flashing to the concrete. This gives the concrete a very specific look and texture. These different additives can really make your concrete floor pop and stand out. If you are looking for a way to give your home a unique and fresh look, then you may want to consider a concrete floor. 

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