Preparing Your Air Conditioning System And Home Before The Weather Gets Hot

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Preparing Your Air Conditioning System And Home Before The Weather Gets Hot

16 February 2017
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The best time to get ready for the hot weather ahead is a month or two before you'll be needing your air conditioning system full time. While you can wait until the hot weather arrives, your HVAC technician will have more time to schedule you in at the beginning of the season. If you wait until homeowners begin needing emergency repairs, you may find that you have to wait for routine maintenance on your system. To get prepared for your technician, you can start by removing any debris that is around the outside of your unit. You can try turning the unit on, and look around your home for vents you may have blocked during the winter months when they weren't being used.

Good Maintenance Saves You Money

When you get your air conditioning system serviced before the hot weather hits, you are less likely to need an emergency repair. This will save you money on repair costs, and your system will run more efficiently right from the start. When you take care of your cooling system, it is going to last longer. Make sure that you schedule routine maintenance before you need your system every day.

Help Your System Run More Efficiently

Maintenance will ensure that your system is efficient, but you can make a number of changes in your home to help your system keep your home cool. Make sure that you close blinds if sun is beating through the window and it's really hot out. Open up your windows at night and give your system a break for a few hours. Check your air filters once a month, and change them if they become clogged. 

Keep the Air Flowing In Your Home

Check the air circulation in your home, as your system will run better if the air is flowing freely from room to room. Turn on any ceiling fans that you have, and make sure that the air is being pulled from the ground up. Hot air will rise, and you'll want to help any hot air in the room rise to the ceiling. If you aren't using a room, close the door but turn off the air conditioning in that room first.

As you get ready for the hot weather that's coming, remember to call your technician if you have any problems with your system. Give your air conditioning a break whenever possible, and change your air filters about once a month or so. For more information, visit websites like

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