3 Simple Solutions To Reduce Problems With Evaporative Coolers And Keep Cool

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3 Simple Solutions To Reduce Problems With Evaporative Coolers And Keep Cool

11 May 2016
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If you have an evaporative cooler as the main cooling system for your home, it may be the cause of problems in your home, such as humidity and condensation. An evaporative cooler can also be affected by the climate outside of your home, which is why you may want to consider improvements to ensure your cooler performs at its best and your home is always cool. Here are some solutions that you may want to consider to help deal with some of the common problems that you may have with an evaporative cooling system:

1. Have A Dehumidifier System Installed To Reduce Condensation Problems

One of the biggest problems that you may have with an evaporative cooler is it raising humidity levels in your home. This can cause your home to warm up quickly, as well as wreak havoc on electrical appliances. A simple solution to deal with this problem is to use a dehumidifier. Because of the amount of humidity with a cooler, you may want to have a professional HVAC service install a dehumidifier that is sized to combat the effects of an evaporative cooler.

2. Install A Ductless AC System To Deal With Problems Of Coolers Not Cooling

Another solution that you may want to consider to deal with problem with an evaporative cooler is to have a ductless AC system installed. Air conditioners remove the humidity from the air, which helps deal with the humidity problem. In addition, using an AC will also give you a cooling solution for the days when outdoor humidity is too high for the evaporative cooler to effectively cool your home.

3. Install A Combination Evaporative Cooling Unit To End Negative Problems With Coolers

An evaporative cooler can have many negative problems, but is still one of the most energy-efficient solutions for areas with dry summer climates. When the air outside is not dry, they are much less efficient. Today, there are some evaporative cooling systems that are combined with an air conditioning component that can reduce these negative effects. If it is time to replace your cooler, you may want to consider upgrading with a combination system that takes advantage of the benefits of evaporative cooling, but also uses conventional AC elements to reduce negative effects.

These are some solutions that can help you deal with some of the common problems with an evaporative cooler. If you have problems frequently, contact an energy upgrade service and talk with them about a ductless AC or other solutions to help reduce the negative effects of using an evaporative cooler to cool your home. Click here to learn more about energy saving upgrades.

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